@@ Run a for loop

​ Repeat a command over a list of offsets ​


  • Example: wx 90 @@ /x80 . This will replace all hex 80 with hex 90
  • Use @@ as a replacement for a for i in x loop (iterator). Example: axt @@ str.* will look for xref of all strings and return thier offsets.

  • x @@ sym.* run 'x' over all flags matching 'sym.' in current flagspace
  • x @@dbt[abs] run 'x' command on every backtrace address, bp or sp
  • x @@.file run 'x' over the offsets specified in the file (one offset per line)
  • x @@=off1 off2 .. manual list of offsets
  • 🚀 x@@= Run query over multiple offsets asciinema

  • x @@/x 9090 temporary set cmd.hit to run a command on each search result
  • @@/ Can be used to search and replace something. Usage in this case is w mystring_replace @@/ mystring_to_search

  • x @@k sdbquery run 'x' on all offsets returned by that sdbquery
  • x @@t run 'x' on all threads (see dp)
  • x @@b run 'x' on all basic blocks of current function (see afb)
  • x @@i run 'x' on all instructions of the current function (see pdr)
  • x @@iS run 'x' on all sections adjusting blocksize
  • x @@f run 'x' on all functions (see aflq)
  • x @@f:write run 'x' on all functions matching write in the name
  • x @@s:from to step run 'x' on all offsets from, to incrementing by step
  • x @@c:cmd the same as @@=`` without the backticks
  • x @@=pdf~call[0] run 'x' at every call offset of the current function
  • 🚀⭐ @@= can be used to loop over the output of a command and run another command against it. asciinema