fs[?]+-* manage flagspaces

Usage: fs [*] [+-][flagspace|addr] # Manage flagspaces
  • fs display flagspaces
    • 🚀 The * next to the list of flags indicates the currently selected flag space asiinema

  • fs* display flagspaces as r2 commands
  • fsj display flagspaces in JSON
  • fs * select all flagspaces
  • fs flagspace select flagspace or create if it doesn't exist
  • fs-flagspace remove flagspace
  • fs-* remove all flagspaces
  • fs+foo push previous flagspace and set
  • fs- pop to the previous flagspace
  • fs-. remove the current flagspace
  • fsq list flagspaces in quiet mode
  • fsm [addr] move flags at given address to the current flagspace
  • fss display flagspaces stack
  • fss* display flagspaces stack in r2 commands
  • fssj display flagspaces stack in JSON
  • fsr newname rename selected flagspace