pf??? pf usage examples

|pf: pf[.k[.f[=v]]|[v]]|[n]|[0|cnt][fmt] [a0 a1 ...]
  • Examples:
  • pf 3xi foo bar 3-array of struct, each with named fields: 'foo' as hex, and 'bar' as int
  • pf B (BitFldType)arg_name` bitfield type
  • pf E (EnumType)arg_name` enum type
  • pf.obj xxdz prev next size name Define the obj format as xxdz
  • pf obj=xxdz prev next size name Same as above
  • pf iwq foo bar troll Print the iwq format with foo, bar, troll as the respective names for the fields
  • pf 0iwq foo bar troll Same as above, but considered as a union (all fields at offset 0)
  • pf.plop ? (troll)mystruct Use structure troll previously defined
  • pf 10xiz pointer length string Print a size 10 array of the xiz struct with its field names
  • pf {integer}? (bifc) Print integer times the following format (bifc)
  • pf [4]w[7]i Print an array of 4 words and then an array of 7 integers
  • pf ic...?i foo bar "(pf xw yo foo)troll" yo Print nested anonymous structres
  • pfn2 print signed short (2 bytes) value. Use N insted of n for printing unsigned values