V Visual mode

(V! = panels, VV = fcngraph, VVV = callgraph)

Visual mode help


  • You can use h, j, k, l or H, G, K, L to move inside the visual mode, or TAB to navigate

  • Use c to toggle cursor mode.

  • Use p to show different views inside visual mode. The different modes are normal, display offsets, minigraph and summary

  • Use / to highlight searches in visual mode

  • In hex view, press p to show disassembly. Pressing c will enable cursor mode. Use the cursor mode to set breakpoints using F2 . Can use B also to set breakpoints

  • Use $ to toggle psuedo code inside visual mode

  • In visual mode, pressing the number inside square brackets i.e [1] will move seek to that address. This generally applies to calls or jumps. Anything inside square brackets are used for quick navigation, i.e. [ga] means press ga to seek to that addressess (in VV mode)

  • Seek backwards using u

  • Use . in visual mode to jump back to where the seek (cursor) is.

  • Use ?? in visual mode to get a HUD style panel (easier for beginners)

Panels V!

Hex view V

  • V Help

  • After loading hex view, use p to see this view

  • Pressing p twice in this mode will show the stack and the registers in the same view. This is very helpful during debugging.

  • In this mode, you can navigate and scroll through the stack/registers/assembly by using c (cursor) and TAB


  • Callgraph VVV or VV (Can use - or + to zoom)

VV Help