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The goal of this wiki is to make a searchable collection of documents which can be used to find various use cases and help regarding using r2. This is a live wiki and the goal is to updated frequently. If you have a tip, use case or plugin you would like to suggest, either create an issue, or tweet to me at @securisec

This wiki can be used either from the online version, local webapp or from the r2 shell.

Make sure to update the local version everytime before using. The wiki is updated frequently


Tons of great youtube videos, the radare2 irc channel, twitter, too many to list. Wiki is powered by https://wiki.js.org/


The wiki is available online at readthedocs http://r2wiki.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

The wiki is available online at radare2.securisec.com
Both the online version and local version supports full search capability. The online version is always upto date.

r2pm installation

  • This wiki can also be installed from r2pm using r2pm -i r2wiki
  • Once installed, use inside r2 with $wiki "some term"
  • Update inside r2 with $wiki -u ''

Local webapp Installation

mkdocs installation

  • pip install mkdocs
  • git clone https://github.com/securisec/r2wiki-rtd.git
  • cd r2wiki-rtd
  • mkdocs serve
  • Open browser to http://localhost:8000

Wiki.js installation

  • Install wiki.js by following these instructions
  • Copy all the files in this repo to the repo directory, or run git clone https://github.com/securisec/radare2_wiki.git repo/ from inside your wiki directory.
  • Allow some time for the search to finish indexing.

Update local installation

  • To update to the latest (this wiki will be updated frequently :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), simply run
    git pull origin master from inside the repo directory.

From r2 shell

  • Directions can be found in the r2wiki.py
  • In order for this to work, you need a local copy of the wiki. You can get it from github

  • The argument supports regex and the output is in less format

  • Because the output is using less, you can highlight/search using / or show only matching lines by using &

  • /path/to/repo/r2wiki.py needs to be absolute path

  • This can be accessed multiple ways.

    • Method 1: Set an alias in your ~/.radare2rc file
      sh echo '$'wiki="#"'!'"pipe python /path/to/repo/r2wiki.py" >> ~/.radare2rc
    • Invoke as $wiki arg

    • Method 2: Set an alias from inside r2 shell: $wiki=#!pipe python /path/to/r2wiki.py
    • invoke as $wiki arg

    • Method 3: ```

    !pipe python /path/to/repo/r2wiki.py


Tips for local wiki (applies to wiki.js version 1.0.12)

To style your local wiki in a manner similar to the online version, add the following to the /wiki_installation_dir/server/views/layout.pug under the section marked as //- JS / CSS
```css style(type='text/css'). .mkcontent { font-family: Arial; }

   .mkcontent {
     font-size: 16px;

To change the search behaviour of your local wiki similar to that of the online version, change the following lines in `server/libs/search.js` - Line 73 to 1 - Line 78 to 0 - Line 88 to 3 - Line 175 to 20 ```