V Help


  • Use - or + while in cursor mode to increment of decrement opcode value

  • Press space bar to switch between V and VV modes
  • ? show this help
  • ?? show the user-friendly hud
  • Screenshot

  • Makes it really easy to do various tasks in visual mode. This is different from the _ HUD mode

  • $ toggle asm.pseudo
  • ( snow in visual mode
  • % in cursor mode finds matching pair, otherwise toggle autoblocksz
  • @ redraw screen every 1s (multi-user view), in cursor set position
  • ! enter into the visual panels mode
  • _ enter the flag/comment/functions/.. hud (same as VF_)
  • Screenshot

  • = set cmd.vprompt (top row)

  • | set cmd.cprompt (right column)
  • . seek to program counter
  • Return back to where EIP or the current seek is

  • \ toggle visual split mode
  • " toggle the column mode (uses pC..)
  • / in cursor mode search in current block
  • :cmd run radare command
  • ;[-]cmt add/remove comment
  • 0 seek to beginning of current function
  • [1-9] follow jmp/call identified by shortcut (like ;[1])
  • ,file add a link to the text file
  • /*+-[] change block size, [] = resize hex.cols
  • </> seek aligned to block size (seek cursor in cursor mode)
  • a assemble code
  • A visual Assembler
    • Use VA to assemble from asm to hex and so forth
  • b browse symbols, flags, configurations, classes, ... _ hud mode (V_) b blocks c classes C comments e eval var configurations f flags F functions h history i imports m maps p pids/threads q quit s symbols t types v vars x xrefs X refs

  • B toggle breakpoint

  • c/C toggle (c)ursor and (C)olors
  • Use - or + to increment or decrement opcode value while in cursor c mode

  • Can also use [ or ] to adjust the comment columns

  • d[f?] define function, data, code, ..

  • e edit eval configuration variables

  • E Color / Theme changer. Use up or down to select what you want to change followed by RGB keys.
  • VE Theme editor: Use rRgGbB keys to the RGB values

  • f/F set/unset or browse flags. f- to unset, F to browse, ..
  • Visual flag help

     q - quit menu
     j/k - line down/up keys
     J/K - page down/up keys
     h/b - go back
     C - toggle colors
     l/' ' - accept current selection
     a/d/e - add/delete/edit flag
     +/- - increase/decrease block size
     o - sort flags by offset
     r/R - rename flag / Rename function
     n - sort flags by name
     p/P - rotate print format
     _ - hud for flags and comments
     : - enter command
  • gG go seek to begin and end of file (0-$s)

  • hjkl move around (or HJKL) (left-down-up-right)
  • i insert hex or string (in hexdump) use tab to toggle
  • mK/'K mark/go to Key (any key)
  • M walk the mounted filesystems
  • n/N seek next/prev function/flag/hit (scr.nkey)
  • Move down n or up N to the next function

  • o go/seek to given offset
  • Go to this offset and change seek to this offset.

  • O toggle asm.esil
  • p/P rotate print modes (hex, disasm, debug, words, buf)
  • q back to radare shell
  • r refresh screen / in cursor mode browse comments. Toggle between hotkey hints in disasm between data and code
  • R randomize color palette (ecr)
  • sS step / step over
  • t browse types
  • T enter textlog chat console (TT)
  • uU undo/redo seek
  • v visual function/vars code analysis menu
  • V (V)iew graph using cmd.graph (agv?)
  • VP pxr in visual mode
  • wW seek cursor to next/prev word
  • xX show xrefs/refs of current function from/to data/code
  • Screenshot

  • yY copy and paste selection

  • z fold/unfold comments in disassembly
  • Z toggle zoom mode
  • Enter follow address of jump/call
  • F2 toggle breakpoint
  • F4 run to cursor
  • F7 single step
  • F8 step over
  • F9 continue

Custom visual mode

  • Pressing the = sign inside visual mode brings up cmd.vprompt. Any command executed in this prompt shows up at the top of the visual mode.
  • Pressing the | sign inside visual mode brings up cmd.cprompt. Any command executed in this prompt shows up at the right of the visual mode.
    • The red boxing is showing the command pxr @$$!50 while the green box is show the output of dr