dc[?] Continue execution

Usage: dc Execution continuation commands
  • dc Continue execution of all children
    • dc < /path/to/multiline to insert multiple inputs

  • dc <pid> Continue execution of pid
  • dc[-pid] Stop execution of pid
  • dca [sym] [sym]. Continue at every hit on any given symbol
  • dcb Continue back until breakpoint debug continue breakpoint
    • dcb Similar to dsb but instead of setting back, it will continue back till breakpoint

  • dcc Continue until call (use step into) debug continue call
  • dccu Continue until unknown call (call reg)
  • dcf Continue until fork (TODO) debug continue fork
  • dck <signal> <pid> Continue sending signal to process
  • dco <num> Step over instructions debug step over
  • dcp Continue until program code (mapped io section) debug continue program code
  • dcr Continue until ret (uses step over) debug continue ret

  • dcs[?] <num> Continue until syscall debug continue syscall

  • dct <len> Traptrace from curseek to len, no argument to list

  • dcu[?] [..end|addr] ([end]) Continue until address (or range) debug continue until