ah[?] analysis hints (force opcode size, ...)

Usage: ah[lba-]Analysis Hints


  • ah is helpful during ARM analysis

  • ah? show this help
  • ah? offset show hint of given offset
  • ah list hints in human-readable format
  • ah. list hints in human-readable format from current offset
  • ah- remove all hints
  • ah- offset [size] remove hints at given offset
  • ah* offset list hints in radare commands format
  • aha ppc 51 set arch for a range of N bytes
  • ahb 16 @ $$ force 16 bit for current instruction
    • Use ahb to define 16, 32 bit functions. Helpful with arm.

  • ahc 0x804804 override call/jump address
  • ahe 3,eax,+= set vm analysis string
  • ahf 0x804840 override fallback address for call
  • ahh 0x804840 highlight this adrress offset in disasm

  • ahi[?] 10 define numeric base for immediates (1, 8, 10, 16, s)

  • ahj list hints in JSON

  • aho foo a0,33 replace opcode string
    • aho can use used to override a constants value. ❓

  • ahp addr set pointer hint
  • ahr val set hint for return value of a functionahs
    • 4set opcode size=4 ahS
  • jzset asm.syntax=jz for this opcode (null)
  • ahs 4 set opcode size=4
  • ahS jz set asm.syntax=jz for this opcode