p=[?][bep] [blks] [len] [blk] show entropy/printable chars/chars bars

Usage: p=[=bep?][qj] [nblocks] ([len]) ([offset]) show entropy/printable chars/chars bars
  • e zoom.in specify range for zoom
  • p= 🚀 print bytes of current block in bars asciinema
  • p=2 short (signed int16) bars, good for waves
  • p==[..] 🚀 same subcommands as p=, but using flame column graph instead of rows asciinema
  • p=b same as above
  • p=c 🚀 print number of calls per block asciinema
  • p=d 🚀 print different bytes from block asciinema
  • p=e 🚀 print entropy for each filesize/blocksize asciinema
  • p=e Entropy computation

  • p=F 🚀 print number of 0xFF bytes for each filesize/blocksize asciinema
  • p=i 🚀 print number of invalid instructions per block asciinema
  • p=j 🚀 print number of jumps and conditional jumps in block asciinema
  • p=m 🚀 print number of flags and marks in block asciinema
  • p=p 🚀 print number of printable bytes for each filesize/blocksize asciinema
  • p=s 🚀 print number of syscall and priviledged instructions asciinema
  • p=z 🚀 print number of chars in strings in block asciinema
  • p=0 🚀 print number of 0x00 bytes for each filesize/blocksize asciinema