dp[?] List, attach to process or thread id

Usage: dp # Process commands
  • dp List current pid and children
  • dp <pid> List children of pid
  • dp*[j] List all attachable pids. Supports JSON output
  • dp- <pid> Detach select pid
  • dp=<pid> Select pid
  • dpa <pid> Attach and select pid
  • dpc Select forked pid (see dbg.forks)
  • dpc* Display forked pid (see dbg.forks)
  • dpe Show path to executable. Show file path
  • dpf Attach to pid like file fd // HACK
  • dpk <pid> [<signal>] Send signal to process (default 0)
  • dpn Create new process (fork)
  • dptn Create new thread (clone)
  • dpt List threads of current pid
  • dpt <pid> List threads of process
  • dpt=<thread> Attach to thread