ds[?] Step, over, source line

Usage: ds Step commands
  • ds Step one instruction
  • ds <num> Step instructions
  • dsb Step back one instruction
  • 🚀 dsb When you run dsb, reverse debugger restore previous recorded state and execute program from it until desired point. Sessions are saved by dts+ asciinema

  • dsf Step until end of frame
  • dsi <cond> Continue/Step until condition matches
  • Example: dsi eax==3,ecx>0

  • dsl Step one source line
  • dsl <num> Step source lines
  • dso <num> Step over instructions
  • dsp Step into program (skip libs)
  • dss <num> Skip step instructions

  • dsu[?]<address> Step until address

  • dsui[r] <instr> Step until an instruction that matches instr , use dsuir for regex match

  • dsue <esil> Step until esil expression matches
  • dsuf <flag> Step until pc == flag matching name