m Mountpoints commands

Usage: m[-?*dgy] [...] Mountpoints management
  • m List all mountpoints in human readable format
  • m* Same as above, but in r2 commands

  • ml List filesystem plugins

  • m /mnt Mount fs at /mnt with autodetect fs and current offset

  • m /mnt ext2 0 Mount ext2 fs at /mnt with delta 0 on IO
  • m-/ Umount given path (/)
  • md / List directory contents for path

  • mf[?] [o|n] Search files for given filename or for offset

  • mg /foo Get contents of file/dir dumped to disk (XXX?)

  • mo /foo/bar Open given file into a malloc://
  • mi /foo/bar Get offset and size of given file
  • mp List all supported partition types
  • mp msdos 0 Show partitions in msdos format at offset 0
  • ms /mnt Open filesystem prompt at /mnt

    Shell prompt inside the mounted directory

  • my Yank contents of file into clipboard