Helpful commands for Android reversing

  • ic to enumerate classes and methods from a .dex file
  • icq to enumerate classes
  • iiq show external methods
  • izq list all strings contained in the program

Helpful commands for arm reversing

  • e asm.describe = true # show description of each ARM instruction
  • e asm.pseudo = true # show pseudo instruction instead of assembly
  • e asm.emu = true # emulate code using ESIL
  • e asm.emustr = true # show string and method referenced in the emu comments
  • e anal.hasnext=true # assume a new function is found after the last one


  • Use V_ to seach through strings (including classes and methods) in the visual mode HUD mode.
  • r2pm supports installation of dex2jar. dex2jar can be used to convert dex files into jar files. r2pm -i dex2jar


Android malware analysis with Radare: Dissecting the Triada Trojan Oneplus backdoor analysis Android/Linux vmlinux loader Android Crackme and Structure offset propagation

Complimentary tools

termux r2frida for android


Installing from pre built

  • Download the latest from[version]/[android-arch]
  • Push to android device with adb push data/ /
  • From adb shell launch /data/data/org.radare.radare2installer/radare2/bin/r2[or any other r2 binaries]

Documentation for building

Documents around installing r2 on android

Install using Termux

  • radare2 can be installed right from Termux. Inside termux terminal, run the following commands
    • pkg update
    • pkg install radare2