r2wiki python


usage: r2wiki.py [-h] [-a] [-l] what_to_search_for

positional arguments:
  what_to_search_for  What to search for. Supports regex . Triple escape
                      escapes. \\

optional arguments:
  -h, --help          show this help message and exit
  -a                  Will match any of the words.
  -l                  Show the corresponding r2wiki link
  -u                  Update r2wiki with latest content

To update, use -u ''



  • python pygments
  • pip install -U pygments
  • NOTE: make sure your pygments is upto date for

From r2pm

  • r2pm -i r2wiki

Manual installation

Access the radare2 wiki from inside the r2 shell - > In order for this to work, you need a local copy of the wiki. You can get it from github - > The argument supports regex and the output is in less format

  • Because the output is using less, you can highlight/search using / or show only matching lines by using &

  • /path/to/repo/r2wiki.py needs to be absolute path

  • This can be accessed multiple ways.

    • Method 1: Set an alias in your ~/.radare2rc file
      sh echo '$'wiki="#"'!'"pipe python /path/to/repo/r2wiki.py" >> ~/.radare2rc
    • Invoke as $wiki arg

    • Method 2: Set an alias from inside r2 shell: $wiki=#!pipe python /path/to/r2wiki.py
    • invoke as $wiki arg

    • Method 3: ```

    !pipe python /path/to/repo/r2wiki.py