ax[?] manage refs/xrefs (see also afx?)

Usage: ax[?d-l*] # see also 'afx?'

  • ax addr [at] add code ref pointing to addr (from curseek)
  • axc addr [at] add code jmp ref // unused?
  • axC addr [at] add code call ref
  • axg addr show xrefs graph to reach current function
  • axgj [addr] show xrefs graph to reach current function in json format
  • axd addr [at] add data ref
  • axq list refs in quiet/human-readable format
  • axj list refs in json format
  • axF [flg-glob] find data/code references of flags
  • axt [addr] find data/code references to this address xref to

  • Example use case is axt @@ str.* to look for xrefs to all strings_

  • axtg
  • axf [addr] find data/code references from this address xref from
  • axff xrefs from function
  • ax- [at] clean all refs (or refs from addr)
  • ax list refs
  • axk [query] perform sdb query
  • ax* output radare commands