S Io section manipulation information

All S and related commands are deprecated

Usage: S[?-.*=adlr] [...]
  • S 🚀 list sections asciinema
  • S paddr va sz [vsz] name rwx add new section (if(!vsz)vsz=sz)
  • S. 🚀 show current section name asciinema
  • S.-* remove all sections in current offset
  • S* list sections (in radare commands)
  • S-[id] remove section identified by id
  • S-. remove section at core->offset (can be changed with @)
  • S= 🚀 list sections (ascii-art bars) (io.va to display paddr or vaddr) asciinema
  • Sa[-] [A] [B] [[off]] Specify arch and bits for given section
  • Sf [baddr] Alias for S 0 0 $s $s foo mrwx
  • Sl [file] load contents of file into current section (see dml)
  • Sr [name] rename section on current seek

  • SR[?] Remap sections with different mode of operation