!!! User defined autocomplete

Usage: !!![-*][cmd] [arg|$type...] # user-defined autocompletion for commands
  • !!! list all autocompletions
  • !!!: Register new autocomplete logic
  • !!!? show this help
  • !!!-* remove all user-defined autocompletions
  • !!!-\* remove autocompletions starting by backslash (glob expression)
  • !!!-foo remove autocompletion named 'foo'
  • !!!foo add 'foo' for autocompletion
  • !!!bar $flag add 'bar' for autocompletion with $flag as argument
| $dflt     default autocomplete flag
| $flag     shows known flag hints
| $flsp     shows known flag-spaces hints
| $zign     shows known zignatures hints
| $eval     shows known evals hints
| $prjt     shows known projects hints
| $brkp     shows known breakpoints hints
| $file     hints file paths
| $thme     shows known themes hints
| $optn     allows the selection for multiple options