P Project management utilities

Usage: P[?osi] [file]Project management
  • NOTE: See 'e??prj.'

  • NOTE: project are stored in ~/.config/radare2/projects

  • To create a project, use the -p projectName argument to r2

  • Pc [file] show project script to console

  • Pd [file] delete project
  • Pi [file] show project information
  • Pl list all projects
  • Pn[j] show project notes (Pnj for json)
  • Pn [base64] set notes text
  • Pn - edit notes with cfg.editor
  • Po [file] open project. Supports autocompletion
  • Ps [file] save project
  • PS [file] save script file
  • P- [file] delete project (alias for Pd)