ae[?] [expr] analyze opcode eval expression (see ao)

Usage: ae[idesr?] [arg]ESIL code emulation

Breakdown of ESIL

  • ae [expr] evaluate ESIL expression
  • ae? show this help
  • ae?? show ESIL help ae[aA][f] [count] analyse esil accesses (regs, mem..) aec[?] continue until ^C
  • aecc continue until call
  • aef [addr] emulate function
  • aefa ?
  • aei initialize ESIL VM state (aei- to deinitialize)
  • aeim [addr] [size] [name] initialize ESIL VM stack (aeim- remove)
  • aeip initialize ESIL program counter to curseek
  • aek [query] perform sdb query on ESIL .info
  • aek- resets the ESIL .info sdb instance aep[?] [addr] manage esil pin hooks
  • aepc [addr] change esil PC to this address
  • aer [..] handle ESIL registers like 'ar' or 'dr' does aets[?] ESIL Trace session
  • aes perform emulated debugger step
  • aesp [X] [N] evaluate N instr from offset X
  • aesb step back
  • aeso step over
  • aesu [addr] step until given address
  • aesue [esil] step until esil expression match
  • aetr[esil] Convert an ESIL Expression to REIL
  • aex [hex] evaluate opcode expression