• cfg.bigendian Use little (false) or big (true) endianness Default is false
  • cfg.debug Debugger mode Default is false
  • cfg.editor Select default editor program Default is vi
  • Change this to your favorite editor using e cfg.editor=editor . Editor could be nano, subl (sublime command line) etc

  • cfg.fortunes If enabled show tips at start Default is true
  • cfg.fortunes.clippy Use ?E instead of ?e Default is false

  • Custom clippy message

  • Can have some fun with this by setting this on ~/.radare2rc. Example: ?E your_message_here

      └─▪ radare2 -
       .--. .-----------.
       | _| | |
       | O O < securisec |
       | | | | |
       || | / `-----------'
       -- Change the registers of the child process in this way: 'dr eax=0x333'
  • cfg.fortunes.tts Speak out the fortune Default is false
  • cfg.fortunes.type Type of fortunes to show (tips, fun, nsfw, creepy) Default is tips,fun
  • cfg.hashlimit If the file is bigger than hashlimit, do not compute hashes Default is 0x00a00000
  • cfg.log Log changes using the T api needed for realtime syncing Default is false
  • cfg.newtab Show descriptions in command completion Default is false
    • cfg.newtab Tab autocomplete commands.

  • cfg.plugins Load plugins at startup Default is true
  • cfg.prefixdump Filename prefix for automated dumps Default is dump
  • cfg.sandbox Sandbox mode disables systems and open on upper directories Default is false
  • cfg.user Set current username/pid Default is pid2978
  • cfg.wseek Seek after write Default is false