• Use the back tick ` to wrap a command to use as the input to another command. Example s axt `str.some~[1]` . This command will take the address xref to of somestr and seek to that address.
  • Use ?*? to see every command available in r2


~ Grep

_ print last output

$ Alias

* Pointer read/write data/values (see ?v, wx, wv)

. Define macro or load r2, cparse or rlang file

= Send/Listen for Remote Commands (rap://, http://, )

/ Search for bytes, regexps, patterns, ..

\ Generally used for plugin commands

! Run given command as in system(3)

!!! User defined autocomplete

# Hashbang to run an rlang script

( Macros

| Pipe

- Dash

> Redirection

? Help or evaluate math expression

& Tasks

@ Misc help for '@' (seek), '~' (grep) (see ~??)

@@ Run a for loop

@@@ Simpler version of @@

?$? Show available '$' variables and aliases

a Analysis commands

b Display or change the block size

c Compare block with given data

C Code metadata (comments, format, hints, ..)

d Debugger commands

e List/get/set config evaluable vars

f Add flag at current address

g Generate shellcodes with r_egg

i Get info about opened file from r_bin

k Run sdb-query. see k? for help, 'k *', 'k ' ...

l list files and directories

L list, unload load r2 plugins

m Mountpoints commands

o Open file at optional address

p Print current block with format and length

P Project management utilities

q Quit program with a return value

r Resize file

s Seek to address (also for '0x', '0x1' == 's 0x1')

S Io section manipulation information

t Types, noreturn, signatures, C parser and more

T Text log utility

V Visual mode

w Multiple write operations

x Alias for 'px' (print hexadecimal)

y Yank/paste bytes from/to memory

z Zignatures management

java Java help

misc Misc commands